Important Notices


If we have to look up your case number for you, we are required under Chapter 814.61(11) to impose a $5.00 search fee. Free public access computers, to be used for looking up case numbers, are located in the Clerk of Courts lobby or the Records Center on the first floor of the courthouse.

Your case number will appear on any notices from the court. It is wise to bring any documents regarding your court case with you whenever conducting business at the courthouse!


Handicapped Parking Available for Courthouse

Handicapped parking is available for those visiting the courthouse. If there is sufficient need, these stalls will become permanently available to the handicapped. View locations of handicapped parking

Submit documentation two days before scheduled activity

All documentation being submitted to the Dane County Clerk of Court's Office is to be filed with the court at least 2 business days prior to the scheduled activity date (i.e. return/answer date, motion hearing, or hearing). Some examples of documentation are proofs of service, proofs of publication, requests to reduce judgment amounts due to partial payments, stipulations, voluntary dismissals, affidavits of mailing, and other case status updates. Although Dane County does not require an appearance on small claims return dates, these are scheduled court dates that require all paperwork be filed timely for the court's review. Timely filing of documentation will lead to prompt processing of your case.


Default judgment SC/CV cases require extra form

In order to be awarded a default judgment in a small claims or civil case, you need to file an Affidavit of Nonmilitary Service with the Clerk of Courts. The form is available on the Court System's website as Form GF-175. Also available are Instructions for filling out Form GF-175 Affidavit of Nonmilitary Service. Please ensure all required documents are properly notarized before filing with the court.



If you want your service fees added to the judgment amount, please enclose a copy of the invoice with your proof of service.