Small Claims Forms

Dane County requires certain information to be on the Small Claims Summons and Complaint form, SC-500. Dane County has made filing of this document easier by providing paper filers form SC-500 with the required information already added to the form. Summons and Complaint Form download this form or go to the Dane County Legal Resource Center to obtain a copy. Make your copies after you have the form completed.

Note to users: Printed copies of these forms are also available from the Dane County Legal Resource Center for a small fee. Call (608) 266-6316 for more information.


If you file an action WITHOUT an attorney, you are responsible for details. These responsibilities include:

The Clerk of Courts office serves record keeping functions and is available to assist you with non-legal, procedural, information.

Small Claims Information Documents

Note on Writs of Eviction: If you are awarded a writ for eviction, it is suggested that you check with the Dane County Sheriff's Office prior to obtaining the writ. If you obtain a writ and take it directly to the Dane County Sheriff's Office, you should advise them at that time whether or not you will be arranging the move yourself or having the Sheriff's Department do the move. If you plan on doing it yourself, request instructions from the Sheriff's Department on what you need to do prior to obtaining writ.

Small Claims Documents


Service Documents

Post-Judgment Documents

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Deficiency Claim

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